Former Mombasa Senator Hassan Omar has hit out at Nasa presidential candidates over what he termed double standards.

Speaking during a press briefing at Renaissance Centre in Mombasa, Mr Omar criticised the co-principals on their leadership style.

Mr Omar’s criticism of Nasa co-principals Raila Odinga and Kalonzo Musyoka came three days after his resignation as Wiper secretary-general.

“It’s hard to tell whether Kalonzo is supporting me or Joho (Mombasa governor Hassan). It’s also hard to know what he stands for,” he said.

Mr Omar said he spent a lot of time pleasing “ethnic chiefs”, something that he will not do again.

“He (Kalonzo) was trying to outsmart everyone. Why would I be there to be duped for the second time?

“I spent too much trying to please people yet the battle field is skewed against people who have no money,” he said.

“People support those that they support because they get pay cheques from them. They are paid on a regular basis to continue to support political actors. What is the role of ideologies in politics?”

Mr Omar said Mr Odinga’s politics was meant to crash competent, young leaders.

“Raila’s politics of moles is a poverty narrative. The concept of poverty that you don’t allow people to have full entrepreneurship,” Mr Omar, who had been tagged as a “Jubilee mole”, said.

On Mr Joho’s election, Mr Omar said, among things, he will be challenging the governor’s education papers as part of his petition against his win.