The two spent the night at Pangani police station cells ahead of their arraignment.

Kuria was the first to be arrested by Special Crimes Prevention Unit police at a hotel in Kilimani around midday.

He was taken to Pangani before being moved to DCI headquarters on Kiambu Road for interrogation.

Around 1.45pm, Muthama was arrested by Flying Squad officers while heading to his Machakos home.

He was first taken to Pangani then Mazingira House for interrogation.

Police spotted his car in Nairobi and gave chase until Kangundo.

The former senator was arrested as he entered his compound.

In a Facebook post on September 5, Kuria said they were ready for another election but that they will hunt people who did not elect Uhuru Kenyatta.

“Kiambu has spoken. They have said Wembe ni ule ule (the razor blade is the same one). Wangige and Kiambu people are seething with anger. One million of their votes were canceled by four people,” read the post.