Jimi Wanjigi’s father seeks orders against prosecution over guns

Former minister Maina Wanjigi has sued the government to stop the possible prosecution over the recovery of firearms at his son’s house.

Police found guns and hundreds of bullets when they raided the Muthaiga home of Nairobi businessman Jimi Wanjigi in October last year.

A similar operation took place in Malindi at a home believed to be Wanjigi’s.

In his suit filed on Monday, Maina says his family has been subjected to untold suffering and harassment solely because of his son’s association with Nasa chief Raila Odinga.

The government has cracked down on members of Nasa and the National Resistance Movement since Raila had himself inaugurated as the People’s President.

On February 28, Jimmy was waylaid around Museum Hill in Nairobi and served with summons to Nyeri Law Courts.

The businessman, who is to face 11 counts of criminal offences relating to guns, obtained a temporary order stopping his prosecution.

His father wants similar orders.

Author: STN News

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