Swazuri team to revoke Malindi riparian lands’ title deeds

The National Lands Commission has plans to revoke tittle deeds of all riparian lands in Malindi, chairman Muhammad Swazuri said on Sunday.

He said the commission will revoke titles for the parcels of land which the agency holds were acquired illegally after the Indian Ocean receded.

Top among the lands set to be revoked and given back to the public is part of Malindi Muslim Cemetery which is at the centre of an ownership dispute.

The land is said to have been originally owned by the Waqf Commission of Kenya before it changed hands to a private developer who claims he has the plot’s title deed.

Swazuri unveiled the repossession plan during a meeting with members of the Waqf Commission and a section of Malindi Muslim leaders.

He said already he had directed his staff to write a notice of revocation of the plot’s title deed among others on the riparian land.

“All those who invaded riparian lands and obtained tittle deeds are going to lose them. We shall revoke them and revert the parcels to the public,” he said.

He said riparian land is not supposed to be allocated to anyone since the ocean’s water levels might return to its original state and developers lose their property.

Wakf Commission of Kenya officials demanded to be allowed to control the land and protect it from grabbers.

They said there exists at the site, a mass grave of Somali residents who died after their ship was involved in an accident in the 1990s.

Twahir AbdulKharim asked Swazuri to allow them construct a perimeter wall in order to prevent any further encroachment.

Waqf Commission chair Zubeir Hussein welcomed the decision saying it was a big relief to the Malindi Muslim community.

Author: STN News

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