[Statement] I’ll not beg Jubilee, courts for gun licence – Mudavadi

Statement by Musalia Mudavadi, ANC party leader and NASA principal against abrogation of civil rights and creeping martial law in Kenya.

Fellow Kenyans,

I have been asked what next after my security and gun have been illegally withheld by the Jubilee regime.

1. Being licensed to carry a firearm and having armed bodyguards isn’t a favour from the Jubilee regime. It is a legal obligation of the state to render such protection unconditionally.

2. The security protection for Hon Musalia Mudavadi is by dint of the law governing the protection of former vice presidents and prime minister. It cannot be implemented and withdrawn at the whim of police, incumbent minister or president. It cannot be selective and premised on “good” behaviour.

3. Hon Mudavadi is therefore not about to beg the Jubilee regime or plead in courts for a right he ought to enjoy by law established.

4. The protection and safety of Hon Mudavadi is a responsibility of the government of the day and to abrogate it is to signal that the Jubilee regime intends to injure him. Such predetermined harm will be caused whether he goes to court or not.

5. I warn Jubilee leaders that by completely violating the law, they’re setting a perilous precedent that will come to haunt them once out of power. It is just a matter of time before Jubilee leaders harvest what they have sowed by violating the rule of law”.

6. The safety of Hon Mudavadi dims in light the authoritarian violence being mated on citizens’ rights and freedoms. The country is being held hostage by a regime that first lost legitimacy and now all civility, and has now instituted a reign of terror an occupation army. We are under martial law.

7. It is therefore not the return of the gun and enjoyment of safety by Hon Mudavadi that’s the issue. The clampdown on civil rights is a call to all Kenyans who value freedom to rise against martial law rule by Jubilee regime.

8. The struggle has entered another phase resulting from sadistic defilement of civil rights. This struggle is not about political parties because Jubilee dictatorship ruins all Kenyans. Police brutality, media shutdown and installation of police state hurt all Kenyans.

9. I call upon all Kenyans, especially those in opposition, to stop cannibalising themselves but instead close ranks and focus against this brutal regime.

Author: STN News

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