Sossion sacking was foul but he won’t be cowed – Knut official

Keiyo teachers want the TSC to stop undermining nominated MP Wilson Sossion, who served as Knut secretary general.

The union’s Keiyo secretary said it was wrong for the Teachers Service Commission to strike Sossion off the teachers’ register after he was nominated to the National Assembly.

Musa Busienei termed Sossion their “face in parliament” and tore into the commission for the move.

“The sacking was aimed at removing Sossion as secretary general and from parliament due to his political party affiliation,” he claimed in Iten on Saturday.

Busienei noted Sossion was nominated to represent the interests of teachers and thanked ODM for ensuring they have a voice in parliament.

“Teachers elected Sossion and have not demanded that he resigns. He is in parliament to represent the interests of teachers.”

He said teachers were startled by his removal from the register yet he was not getting a salary from the TSC.

“Sossion and other teachers who joined unions drew salaries from teachers’ monthly contributions. I think the sacking was a plot to remove Sossion as our secretary general.”.

He further claimed the union was on a mission to cow Sossion and cage him in a bid to have the fearless man go slow in championing teachers’ interests.

The teachers’ employer sacked Sossion and Kuppet chairman Omboko Milemba, who was elected Emuhaya MP in the 2017 general election, in a move that put unions and theTSC in a precarious position

CEO Nancy Macharia, in a letter terminating their services from January 15, said Sossion defied a termination notice sent to him on December 14, 2017.

Sossion dismissed the sacking, saying he quit as a teacher in 2001 and was no longer an employee of the TSC.

The official said TSC fears that Sossion and Milemba may use their legislative power to make laws that will favour teachers.

“Sossion was the one who pushed for the independence of the TSC during the drafting of the new constitution. Today, the same commission is working with some forces in a scheme to remove him from parliament.”

The former SG says union leaders are normally released by the commission but retain their pension and can go back to teaching if they they wish.

“I will continue to serve the union. This is politics. Knut is not a department of TSC,” he said.

Author: STN News

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