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NASA cannot stop Uhuru swearing-in, says Kiraithe


The government has said NASA will not succeed in blocking President-elect Uhuru Kenyatta’s inauguration or swear-in.

“The law is the law and Kenya has adequate capacity to enforce it. What is legally binding to be done shall be done whether one or two people like it or not,” Government Spokesman Eric Kiraithe  (pictured) said yesterday.

NASA said last weekend that after two weeks, they will swear in leader Raila Odinga as Kenya’s President if Uhuru  takes the oath of office.

Kiraithe said NASA must confine its activities within the law.

“If you are not happy with the Constitution as it is, there are avenues in Parliament and a referendum. These other noises will only destabilise this country,” he said.

NASA’s strategy to force an election within 90 days is also pegged on the People’s Assembly.

MPs have been sent to the county assemblies to help MCAs debate motions spread in19 counties they enjoy a strong following in.

The motion, if passed, will not recognise Uhuru’s presidential legitimacy and will declare the August 8 and October 26 elections as “shams, invalid, null and void”.

But Kiraithe said MPs will not be allowed to sit at the county assemblies.

“We are telling Kenyans to protect their institutions. If a man who was elected by the people to go to Parliament doesn’t like the idea,  he cannot decide to walk into a county assembly, he has no space there,” he said.