Let’s dialogue, secession calls will increase tension – bishops

Catholic Bishops yesterday called for constructive dialogue to end the political crisis in the country.


The Kenya Conference of Catholic Bishops said the church is convinced that national dialogue is necessary to move the country forward.


They said dialogue should be held, regardless of the outcome of cases in the Supreme Court, challenging President Uhuru Kenyatta’s reelection on October 26.



“Having analyzed and reflected on the entire situation that has unfolded in Kenya, we have resolved to organize a National Dialogue Forum aimed at bringing all the sectors of the Kenyan society together to look at the true picture of the country and set the agenda for true discussion and resolutions,” KCCB chairman Philip Anyolo said.


The bishops were speaking in Nakuru after a plenary meeting at the Christ the King Cathedral yesterday.


They said the dialogue forums will be directed at difficulties of elections and the form of the electoral process, national healing and reconciliation.


Bishop Anyolo said they will also include long term issues of governance, transparency and accountability in the dialogue.


“We shall offer an opportunity to all Kenyan, especially the key political players to engage constructively in a bid to chat the way forward for the country,” Anyolo said.


He said the dialogue will also re-look at the Constitution with a view to amending sections that ‘remain problematic.’

The bishops called on political leaders to tone down their rhetoric.


“What we are witnessing currently is disheartening. We invite the leaders to reflect on what the Gospel says about leadership,” Anyolo said.

Anyolo, who is also the Homa Bay bishop read the statement on behalf of the bishops.

They expressed fear that current agitations for secession could divide the country further.


“We have heard clarion calls for secession and civil obedience, demonstrations and protests and boycotts which are only increasing tensions. Many Kenyans are on the brim of losing hope and living in despair,” Anyolo said.


We ask leaders to and all Kenyans to make and promote policies that ensure equitable distribution of resources, to respect of human rights and dignity and to promote economic growth and political stability.


“The resilience, reconciliation and national cohesion has been put to test. We applaud the tremendous hope that has been exhibited during this whole cycle of electoral process. Lets continue praying for the country as we spearhead the national dialogue,” said the Bishops.


The calls for National dialogue comes at a time when National Churches Council of Kenya led by Canon Peter Karanja called for a National Dialogue and creation of the office of a prime Minister to settle the political impasse surrounding the country.


At the same time, the Bishops prayed for the family of the Late Bishop Cornelious Koriri of Eldoret . ‘He worked tirelessly for peace and reconciliation among conflicting communities hence the opportunity to reflect on the need of a long lasting peace in Kenya. He sacrificed and risked his life to mantain peace, justice and harmony;





They said that they have continually called upon political class to mind the country and save it from falling into civil strife and anarchy.

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