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Claims I was bribed to be on the ballot are utter nonsense, says Aukot


Former presidential candidate Ekuru Aukot has dismissed as ‘utter nonsense and propaganda’, claims that he pocketed billions of shillings from Jubilee in order to participate in the rerun.

Aukot, who ran on the Thirdway Alliance Party of Kenya ticket, said he was not bribed to participate in the October 26 repeat election.

“I do not belong to NASA or ODM to have resigned after Raila Odinga withdraw from the race. I followed the High Court order which directed IEBC to include my name on the ballot,” Aukot said.

Aukot said he accepted to participate in the election after IEBC guaranteed that the election would be free and fair.

“TheIEBC explained to us how they would conduct the voting, tallying and the result’s transition process and we were happy,” Aukot said.

He was speaking during a radio interview on Wednesday morning.

Aukot came third in the election after garnering 27,333 votes.

Raila, who withdrew, garnered 73,228 votes.

Aukot said he participated in the election to ensure Kenyans had a variety of choices from which they would pick their President.

There have been claims on social media that Aukot had become a billionaire after being bribed to participate in the election.

But Aukot said no one could stop or influence his decision to take part poll.

“After Raila pulled out of the fresh elections, Thirdway Alliance is the official opposition,” he said.

Uhuru won the election with 7,483,895 votes. Only 38 per cent of registered voters participated in the election after Raila called for boycott.