Hold new presidential poll on Feb 9 – NASA

NASA now wants a new presidential election held on February 9, 2018, terming the August 8 and October  26 polls a ‘sham’.

The opposition yesterday kick started the creation of the People’s Assemblies in all the 47 counties, a platform that will be used to push for creation of a new electoral body to oversee next year’s polls.

The opposition started distributing the People’s Assemblies motion documents to the counties for deliberations.

In the document, NASA is seeking the support of MCAs to declare the two presidential elections – where President Uhuru Kenyatta emerged winner – as invalid, unconstitutional and illegal given the low turnout and failure of IEBC to ‘follow’ the law.

The motion also seeks to have the IEBC disbanded and a new electoral agency created to oversee another presidential election in February.

NASA principal Moses Wetang’ula said where the coalition suffers numbers the people will directly form the assemblies without passing through the county assemblies.

In cases where either of the affiliate parties wields the majority, they will set up the assemblies through the MCAs.

“As we have said before, as a people, we are not powerless against a government that has closed its ears to reason and logic,” said Wetang’ula.

“Beginning this week, therefore, the county assemblies of the Republic of Kenya shall be presented with a Motion to create a People’s Assembly through which the people of Kenya shall henceforth exercise their sovereignty up to and until the holding of proper elections in this country,” he added.

The Bungoma senator defended the creation of the assemblies, saying they are provided for by the Constitution.

He said the move has been triggered by the inability of Kenyans to exercise their sovereignty through properly elected leaders after the ‘sham’ presidential elections on August 8 and October 26.

The assemblies will have governors, deputy governors, senators, members of the National Assembly, MCAs, religious leaders, members from trade unions, civil society and representatives of youths and women’s organisations as members.

The assemblies, according to Wetang’ula, will constitute a convention in Nairobi “to discuss and determine the pathway to democracy and constitutionalism and to restore legality and rule of law”.

The move comes a day after NASA leader Raila Odinga led supporters in ditching Safaricom for allegedly taking part in the bungling of August 8 General Election.

Wetang’ula restated NASA‘s position not to recognise President Kenyatta as duly elected and vowed to do everything to ensure that his reelection does not stand.

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