Kenya: TSC acts tough on errant teachers ahead of national exams

A teacher has been sacked and 45 others suspended for up to six months in connection with irregularities in last year’s examinations in one of the worst crackdown against cheating in recent times.

This comes as the 2018 Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education exam starts countrywide Monday morning.

The 664,585 candidates will start their examinations across the country with Mathematics paper 1 in the morning and Chemistry paper I coming in the afternoon in an exercise that will see security apparatus once again tested after last week’s incident in Narok county in which the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) examination paper for Kiswahili and science disappeared without trace to date.

A report by Teachers Service Commission (TSC) seen by Nation reveals that the sacked centre manager has also had his certificate of practice withdrawn meaning, he will not be able to work as a teacher in any school.

A total of 21 teachers will serve suspensions of six months while one teacher has been suspended for five months. Of those suspended for six months, six are principals.

Three others will serve four month-suspensions with four more getting suspended for three months.

Two teachers will serve two-month suspensions and a further six will serve one-month suspensions. Eight teachers have been pardoned over the allegations and will thus walk free.

One teacher has since died. Of the teachers that were under investigation, 29 were from primary schools while the rest were in secondary schools.

Author: STN News

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