Uhuru dedicated to impunity despite Raila handshake, Salim Lone says on Miguna

Jubilee is incorrigibly dedicated to pursuing impunity and cannot be trusted, Opposition leader Raila Odinga’s adviser Salim Lone has said.

Lone responded this way on Wednesday to the defiance to court orders for lawyer and NRMKe leader Miguna MIguna’s troublesome return to Kenya.

Miguna flew back to Nairobi on Monday but officers have barred him from getting past the JKIA as he has refused to apply for citizenship.

On Tuesday, the High Court ordered the government to free him without conditions. He is to be presented in court today and has declared he will not let authorities violate his rights.

In a statement, Lone said: “The crisis offers all a new opportunity for changing strategy for democratic governance.”

He added: “The latest outrage of scorning multiple court orders, explicitly instructing it to restore Miguna’s nationality and facilitating his re-entry home, and then treating him abusively in full view of the world’s cameras, shows Jubilee’s impunity.”

Lone noted that the lawless behaviour by President Uhuru Kenyatta’s regime’s continues unabated as if nothing really changed.

The political ceasefire between Uhuru and Raila has come under sharp scrutiny after the latter failed to secure Miguna’s freedom.Leaders, including his political lieutenants and advisers, are now questioning the significance of the surprise handshake with Uhuru that has split NASA but given the President a smooth ride into his second term.

Of the Nasa and ODM leader’s peace move, Lone said: “Raila travelled the proverbial infinite mile and showed Kenyans and the world he cared more for peace and the possibility of rectifying our profound ailments.”

Lone further said Raila put aside his personal ambition as well as the trauma and pain inflicted by “being denied the presidency he won three times in a row just for peace sake”.

“How many politicians in the world would risk such a loss? It is not enough to condemn this latest Jubilee outrage,” he said. “This crisis offers the last opportunity for all leaders to reassess the strategy Kenya needs to restore the rule of law and democratic, inclusive governance.”

The self-declared NRMKe General applied to be granted unrestricted right to re-enter and remain in the country. He wants this to be the basis of his Kenyan passport, ID or a temporary entry permit.

Through his lawyers Nelson Havi and John Khaminwa, Miguna wants the court to stop the state from deporting him.

Author: STN News

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