[Statement] I won’t let Kenya abuse my rights, Miguna says from ‘tiny, filthy’ toilet

Yesterday, my advocates obtained an order from the High Court directing the Cabinet Secretary for Interior and Coordination of National Government Fred Matiang’i, Director of Immigration Gordon Kihalangwa, the Inspector General of Police Joseph BoInnet, Director of Criminal Investigations George Kinoti, head of the Flying Squad Said Kiprotich, the OCPD for JKIA, and the Attorney General to release me forthwith from incommunicado detention.

The High Court also ordered that I appear before the duty judge today, March 28, at 9am, together with the above mentioned parties.

Despite the court order and as they have done consistently before, the respondents have not released me.

They have locked out my lawyers from accessing me since my illegal detention last evening. They also unsuccessfully attempted to evade service of the court order.

In full view of the media and therefore the entire world, the respondents physically assaulted me, tore my clothes, refused to allow me to re-enter Kenya, abducted me and attempted to force me to fly out to Dubai without any documentation whatsoever.

I have been illegally detained incommunicado without charge or legal justification since March 26.

I am detained inside a tiny and filthy toilet without access to basic hygiene and necessities of life. The respondents haven’t provided me with food, water and medical attention in addition to not according me my right to counsel.

I have no access to a bathroom and I have not taken a shower since Sunday, March 25. The toilet where I am being held has no shower or bathtub. There is only hot water in the toilet, hence, I am also unable to wash my face and brush my teeth.

Although there are numerous court orders that nullified the respondents’ purported revocation of my citizenship and passport, and ordered them to return or issue me with a new Kenyan passport and facilitate my return to Kenya as a citizen, the respondents have outrageously insisted that I can only enter Kenya as a foreigner on a conditional visa.

I wish to make it clear that I will not permit the respondents to continue violating my constitutional and legal rights through arbitrary bureaucratic fiats.

I urge Kenyans to strongly resist the increasing authoritarianism by the Jubilee regime and to join forces with the National Revolutionary Movement (NRM) against what is clearly a desperate attempt to establish a party dictatorial state.

We must struggle together and defeat the despots. The time is now!

Author: STN News

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