City trader sues beer billionaire’s daughter for social media libel

The vicious fight between friends-turned-foes Anerlisa Muigai, daughter of Keroche CEO, and businessman Ben Kangangi has headed to court.

Kangangi yesterday filed a defamation suit against Anerlisa, accusing her of publishing statements injurious to his character and reputation. He wants an unspecified sum in damages.

Kangangi also wants the court to bar the businesswoman from further linking his business to dubious deals. The row between the two emergedlast week after Anerlisa was sued for allegedly failing to pay Sh19.9 million to a city moneylender.

In a lengthy post on her Facebook and Instagram accounts, Anerlisa admitted she took the money as a loan and is yet to pay back. She said the businessman is a conman.

Anerlisa says in court documents the loan was borrowed on behalf of Kangangi. Kangangi imports high-end automobiles, equipment, fashion apparel and interior design material through Benska Automobiles.

He said Anerlisa’s allegations are “false and misleading”, and he was not involved in any way in the Sh19.9 million deal.

Kangangi said her statements were meant to cause him harm and injure his business transactions and association, which has caused him public ridicule.

“She maliciously and without any justifiable reason published the false claims and caused it to be circulated,” he said.

Kangangi said the statements are false and defamatory, and were meant to portray him as an untrustworthy person in the eyes of right-thinking members of the society.

“She has massive following on her online accounts, considering that she is a member of a prominent family with a vast business empire through the republic deriving great public interest,” the businessman says.

Author: STN News

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