Nairobi MCA’s to train Somali counterparts legislative functions

The Nairobi county assembly has entered into an agreement with Hirshabelle regional assembly on how to enhance their legislative and oversight capacity.

The 57 MPs were received by county assembly speaker Beatrice Elachi, Clerk Jacob Ndwele and majority leader Abdi Guyo.

Elachi urged the parliamentarians to empower their local governments to collect revenues and have more oversight on how they are run.

“I know in Somali the national government still collects everything on behalf of the local governments then disburse according to their development plan.  With time they can empower their devolved units to be more independent,” Elachi said.

She also urged them to help bridge the gender parity issue in the war-torn country.

The Somali delegates are led by their speaker Osman Bare Mohamed and Deputy Speaker Anab Ahmed Isser.

The two called for a more structured partnership between Kenya and Somali in terms of legislation.

“We would love to learn more from Kenya and see where we can improve,” Anab said.

Guyo underlined the continued relationship between Kenya and Somali that has seen more Kenyan citizens of Somali origin take key positions both in government and the county assemblies.

Kenya and Somali have some outstanding similarities in terms of power structures at national government and the assemblies.

Author: STN News

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