Miguna has to apply for Kenyan citizenship, Immigration department says

Miguna Miguna has to reapply for the Kenyan citizenship that he lost in 1998, the immigration department now says.

The self-proclaimed NRM General was denied entry into Kenya after returning from Canada to where he was deported on February 6. This concerned his in Nasa leader Raila Odinga’s self-inauguration as the People’s President.

In a statement, the department said Miguna automatically lost his Kenyan citizenship that year when he acquired that of Canda as the country did not allow dual citizenship.

“To enable Miguna regularise his citizenship status, the department has this morning dispatched the requisite application forms to the JKIA for [him] to fill [them]  for processing,” the department said on Tuesday.

Miguna spent his night at the departure lounge after refusing to fly to Dubai.

Raila’s intervention into the standoff that lasted for several hours bore no fruits. Raila arrived at the airport at around 10pm to secure Miguna’s release but he was also blocked by security officers.

Immigration officers refuted the claims saying Miguna refused to cooperate with them as per the court order.

“Last night Kenyans were treated to the unfortunate drama of Miguna’s theatrics at the JKIA when he refused to hand over his travel document for endorsement as required by the law and international travel regulations,” the statement read.

The department said that instead of presenting the document he had exited with from Canada, he became unruly and threw tantrums saying he was a Kenyan who should be allowed to enter the country without immigration clearance.

He showed his National ID and demanded that he be immigrated on its strength.

“The ID, however, is only acceptable as a travel document to and from the northern corridors of Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda and Southern Sudan. Miguna’s travel had not originated from any of these countries,” read the statement.

After the night of horrow, the lawyer sent an SMS saying he was forced to spend it in a “little hole”after he refused to board the Emirates plane to Dubai.

“They are detaining me incommunicado .. in terminal 2 domestic on the other side of the airport. I have not eaten in 24 hours [sic]” he said.

Interior ministry spokesperson Mwenda Njoka earlier denied claims that Miguna had been denied access to the country.

It was said the government had offered to issue him a six-month tourist visa, which bars him from engaging in political matters, but that he refused.

But Njoka said: “The GoK has not denied Miguna entry into the country. Upon arrival at the JKIA he was asked to present the passport he travelled in. He declined. It is a legal requirement and IATA regulation for travellers to show the documents they travelled in at the point of entry.”

Author: STN News

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