Uhuru-Raila pact: Kenyans in diaspora call for all-inclusive ‘healing’ process

The Kenya Diaspora Alliance has joined the fray in praising the Uhuru-Raila pact saying it will reunite the country, heal wounds, and take the nation back to the path of cohesion.

In a statement on Saturday, KDA chairman Shem Ochuodho said the national conversation should now shift on nurturing a democratic, prosperous, united, peaceful and equitable Kenya.

He said this should be done in an inclusive manner using multi-sectoral consultative forums that should include elders, religious leaders, the private sector and youth so that no one feels left out.

“Simply put, ‘The Kenya We Want’ must meet two minimum thresholds to be meaningful and successful: inclusivity and home-grown.”

“This is a lifetime opportunity to lift Kenya out of poverty and joblessness, and in the spirit of the UN sustainable development goals (SDGs), no-one should be left behind. All shades and faces of Kenya must participate in and own this process,” Ochuodho said.

He added that in as much as the process of uniting the country needs to be a home grown affair, there is need for foreign nations to be invited to chip in and advise where necessary.

“We recognise that Kenya isn’t an island and is part of the community of nations. We therefore expect friends of Kenya to stand with us in this historic journey to the end.”

Ochuodho said the Diaspora Alliance will on its part collaborate with like-minded stakeholders and reach out to Kenyans leaving abroad to hear their views on how best to build Kenya.

He said the views will be incorporated in the national dialogue dubbed “Tushauriane WaKenya” with the focal aim of achieving a great nation.

Ochuodho’s views appeared aligned to a soon to be launched programme that will implement the shared objectives that President Uhuru Kenyatta and Nasa leader Raila Odinga agreed upon on Friday.

The programme, which will be overseen by Ambassador Martin Kimani and Paul Mwangi will comprise a group of advisors to assist in the implementation of the said objectives.

The Uhuru-Raila pact has been praised both locally and internationally as state-manly.

Author: STN News

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