Government orders probe on collapsed Kariobangi building

The government has given Secretary of National Building Inspectorate 48 hours to investigate and report findings on the collapsed building in Kariobangi.

PS State Department Charles Mwaura, in a statement on Sunday, said: “I have directed this team to institute an investigation on this matter…they should immediately ensure the safety of this site.”

Scores were left homeless after the four-story building collapsed on Saturday. The building Kariobangi South had 22 occupied units.

County enforcement director Peter Mbaya said there were no casualties as all the tenants had vacated the building by the time it crumbled.

Mwaura said on further scrutiny, tenants were ordered to vacate three additional buildings in the area due to their “visibly compromised structural status”.

This brings the number of affected households to 84.

“The government is deeply dismayed at the continued mushrooming of substandard buildings which endangers lives of Kenyans,” he said.

“While no lives were lost here, the massive destruction of property and disruption of the normal lives of the people living in this area simply cannot be tolerated.”

He said if anyone is found to have violated the law, they must prepare to face severe sanctions such as prosecution and deregistration.

“We will continue to remain vigilant about the safety of citizens. Kenyans should be vigilant and to immediately vacate buildings that have been condemned as inhospitable for human habitation,” he said.

The Principal Secretary said they will work with the county governments to bring sanity to the sector.

Mwaura said the National Building Inspectorate has a hotline that any citizen can report buildings whose construction is suspect.

That number is 0726 123 123. Kenyans can also reach the National Construction Authority on 0709 126 102 or 0709 126 172.

On January 3, six people were injured after a residential building collapsed in Embakasi’s Pipeline area.

Red Cross said they were among people who had been demolishing the structure.

Rescuer Dan Mutinda said the six were rushed to hospital and that teams went to the site to carry out searches.

Author: STN News

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