Gideon Moi: By meeting Raila, Uhuru proved he’s ready to walk the unity talk

Kanu has congratulated President Uhuru Kenyatta and Nasa leader Raila Odinga for “the bold step they took in meeting to forge a united front for the country”.

Chairman Gideon Moi said the President has proven himself that he is ready to walk the talk in the promise to promote national reconciliation and national healing.

“The move will enable Kenyans attain both social and economic prosperity,” the Baringo Senator said in a statement on Saturday.

Uhuru and Raila on Friday surprised Kenyans after holding a meeting at Harambee House after which they pledged to unite Kenyans.

“The deal will help heal the political fragmentations in the country so that Kenyans can move forward as one,” the legislator said.

Gideon added that national unity remains crucial in leading the nation towards its progress and prosperity.

“Where people are united, they can pull together in nation building. The development is in line with Kanu’s ideals and philosophy of unity.”

He said Kenya has been facing its greatest test recently following the prolonged and fierce political contest leading to the repeat presidential poll.

“We in Kanu offer our unconditional support to such efforts aimed at bringing on board all Kenyans despite their different political inclinations and where every citizen feels part of the Kenyan fabric,” Gideon said.

He said that KANU’s prayer was that the path charted by the President and the opposition leader leads to renewed patriotism in the country as divided nations cannot prosper.

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