KNH woes signal total breakdown in management of public affairs

At the moment we have no position on the planned impeachment of Health Cabinet Secretary Sicily Kariuki. Individual MPs for the time being can use their conscience to either sign for the impeachment of the CS or not. Remember it is not our motion.

However, it’s true there are many problems at the Kenyatta National Hospital. But as to whether the Cabinet Secretary should be impeached, I am not sure. But I need to make it clear that she did not do the right thing by suspending Chief Executive Officer Lilly Koros. She has no such powers to suspend the CEO. If you allow people to break the law to correct a mistake or something wrong that has been done, then eventually no one will respect the Constitution.

There are problems at Kenyatta that need to be fixed. Perhaps it needs a complete overhaul. But still the Cabinet Secretary made a mistake by assuming powers she doesn’t have. As NASA, we will first listen to what the proponents of the motion have to say: If they convince us well and good. But, so far, as a coalition, there is no common position. If that changes, we will advice accordingly.

But the problems bedevilling the hospital are not isolated to Kenyatta alone. There is total breakdown in the management of public affairs in this country. Look at what is happening in the education sector. There is a serious scam in the book sector, where we were duped the new curriculum books are very cheap, but we were buying substandard products fraught with many errors. In the end, we are compromising the future of our children. Today, I am told there is a scandal in the Ministry of Health, and many other things.

When a system is collapsing, all manner of things can happen, including having the courage to sabotage others because of things such as tender wars. However, we must look at the KNH woes in terms of system failure. There is a total system collapse in this country that should worry everyone. The police shot the student from Meru University at very close range in cold blood. These are clear indications of a system that is completely failing and collapsing.

I think it’s high time all Kenyans realised that this country is exposed to serious danger, going forward.

Author: STN News

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