Uhuru needs to popularize Ruto among Kikuyu voters

Claims by Nyeri Town MP Ngunjiri Wambugu that Deputy President William Ruto will not be Central Kenya’s automatic Jubilee Party presidential candidate in 2022 are misleading.

The fact remains that the former Eldoret North MP has overcome the murky waters that characterize Kenya’s politics and has always been on top of things, thus becoming the darling of many Kenyans.

Although MP Wambugu is entitled to his opinion, he joins former Kiambu Governor William Kabogo, who has several times let out a can of worms over claims that the region will ‘evaluate’ their stand on DP Ruto in 2022, with a cross-section of leaders, including Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria, cautioning them against misleading Kenyans by purporting to speak on behalf of the electorates from the region.

Wambugu should know that it would be a different scenario in 2022 because Ruto is going directly to the people to seek for their support, unlike past leaders who were using their kingpins to get access to the people.

It is politically incorrect for anybody to claim that since Odinga, Kalonzo and Musalia did not get support from the Kikuyu community, Ruto is likely to face a similar situation.

Ruto has been busy consolidating Rift Valley votes and has won the confidence of President Kenyatta’s Central and Mt Kenya regions.

What is clear is that no particular community or political party can win in general polls by going it alone.

Coalitions and the tyranny of numbers will continue to determine the outcome of general elections.

As much as the Kikuyu elites throw their support behind DP Ruto, the entrepreneurs are most likely to do the same.

The DP also played a crucial role in convincing his community (Rift Valley) to rally behind President Kenyatta, and thus the current government in power.

It will now be the turn of President Kenyatta to reciprocate and thus launch spirited campaigns to have Ruto become his successor by convincing his community to support him.

This is what will give Ruto the opportunity to concentrate on wooing support from other ethnic groups outside Central Kenya.

What Kenyans require is development to improve their livelihoods, where the Deputy President has played a crucial role.

Furthermore, President Kenyatta and DP Ruto have rallied their supporters to join one political house, Jubilee Party, and abandon TNA and URP

The writer works in the Office of the Deputy President

Author: STN News

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