Ngilu denies bribing voters, says she won the poll fairly

Kitui Governor Charity Ngilu (pictured) has told the court she won fairly in the August General Election.

She denied allegations she bribed voters during the poll. She said her opponent, former Governor Julius Malombe, has been malighning her name to make her look bad.

The governor was testifying in a petition filed by Malombe challenging her victory.

Ngilu turned the heat on the former county boss. She accused Malombe of bribing voters on Election Day.

Ngilu told the court Malombe’s supporters were arrested with money used to bribe voters. She gave an example of Ruth Mutonya, who was arrested with money.

While being cross examined by an IEBC lawyer, Ngilu said no Wiper Party agents were chased away from the polling station.

“The agents might have gone for lunch or to ease themselves since the voting process was long. When you don’t find your agents at the polling centre, it does not mean they have been ejected,” she said.

Ngilu said Malombe should not blame anyone if his agents were not at the polling centres.

The former Lands Cabinet secretary confirmed to court the results transmitted bythe IEBC were announced in the presence of the media and the observers. She said there were no irregularities.

On Wednesday, the returning officer said some forms 37A were not signed by the presiding and deputy presiding officers, but that cannot invalidate the election.

While being cross-examined,Gogo Nguma said some forms had no signatures and stamps. He said the officials may have not signed due to fatigue, since they did not take a break while working.

The law does not allow them to take a break while the elction process in underway.

Malombe is contesting the outcome in the poll after losing Ngilu. He defended the seat on a Wiper ticket while Ngilu vied on a Narc ticket. Former Wiper chairman David Musila also contested, but lost.

Author: STN News

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