EACC sleuths raid ex-governor Ragwa’s Tharaka Nithi home

EACC detectives yesterday raided the home of former Tharaka Nithi Governor Samuel Ragwa.

A source at the home during the 6am incident said the EACC detectives confiscated phones and searched the house and compound. “They took title deeds and other things. They were very harsh during the incident but Ragwa complied with them,” the source said.

Speaking to the press after the raid, the former governor said the detectives said they wanted to conduct a lifestyle audit. “They went round the house and wanted some documents for the 2015 audit but I refused to give them to them. They took documents and two phones from the house,” Ragwa said.

The raid was led by detective Andrew Lelampai. Ragwa was trounced by Muthomi Njuki in the governor polls.

Diverting attention

He said the raid could be related to politics. “There have been so many issues in Tharaka Nithi, including cholera, boundary problems and the recent proposal to rename the county. I think the raid was meant to divert attention,” Ragwa said.

He said when he left, the county had Sh96 million at its disposal, but Njuki insists he only left Sh700,000. “There is also an outcry on the supplier bill, which has been exaggerated to Sh1 billion. When I left it was Sh500 million,” Ragwa said.

He said his enemies are out to tarnish his name through the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission.

The former county boss said he will bounce back into politics as his foes are pushing him to step back. “There were politicians meeting in Sagana a day before the raid and the issue was discussed. It is clear there is a politician who wants to score. I am telling them I was done with politics and kept quiet but now they have rattled a snake,” Ragwa said.

He said he built the house in 2005 even before he became governor.

The EACC also raided his home at Giampampo in Tharaka Nithi, but found nothing tangible to link him with any crime.

Ragwa said the recent proposal to rename Tharaka Nithi county as Meru South and Meru county as Meru North as proposed by Chuka University vice chancellor Erastus Njoka is Tharaka Nithi governor’s Muthomi Njuki’s idea so he can bring the county headquarters to Chuka.

2017 poll

The governor race in Tharaka Nithi, famous for the swing vote that turned tables in the contentious 2007 general election, narrowed down to three aspirants.

Ragwa’s main challengers were Njuki, popularly known as Muthomi wa Generations, and a former two-term Nithi MP, Petkay Miriti.

Njuki got the nickname from his Generations Electronics & Allied Ltd business, that deals in Safaricom airtime and phones and M-Pesa agents across the country. He also worked as a teacher. Despite criticism, Ragwa had his achievements.

He increased the number of dispensaries from 37 to 59 and raised the number of nurses from 214 to 576.

Author: STN News

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