Catholic church to raise Sh300m for homes, hospitals, schools

The Catholic Church is seeking to raise more than Sh300 million to support institutions managed by the church.

The support will include training personnel, building infrastructure, staff quarters and perimeter walls of institutions such as schools, hospitals and children’s homes managed by the church. The funds will be raised under the Association of Sisterhoods of Kenya.

Speaking during the launch of the fundraising at the Chemi Chemiya Uzima Institute, Karen, yesterday, Nairobi woman representative Esther Passaris praised the move. She said it is encouraging as it would improve services.

“No institution, private or public, can survive on its own. This will ensure the country is empowered with good health, education and other services,” Passaris said. The church intends to raise about Sh2 million from each congregation in the country to support training of religious Sisters, priests and lay persons of the Catholic faith. Speaking in Nairobi, Nyandarua governor’s wife Ann Kimemia said she will urge the Council of First Ladies to partner with the church to improve institutions.

“We know what the church has done in shaping the community and its contribution to society,” she said. Catholic leaders said mission hospitals, health centres and facilities are cost-effective.

They border on offering free medical care to the needy and vulnerable. However, lack of enough funds due to donors pulling out has become a problem.

The church said with donor funds drying out, there is a need for locals to support institutions run by the church. “We are the main beneficiaries of these projects and we need to support them. Increased population has led to lack of enough donor funds,” said Father Darlington Muyembe.

Author: STN News

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