NASA is united, look at the ‘rebelling’ legislators’ past

I think NASA is very clear – and we have communicated it formally to our members – that we do not recognise the Presidency of Uhuru Kenyatta.

Consequently, any appointments (including Cabinet Secretary appointments) are treated the same.

It will be a bit unfortunate if some NASA MPs are praising him (Uhuru Kenyatta) for any appointments whatsoever.

I would not say there is any disciplinary action to be taken against them; I think that is a decision the coalition will take.

I also don’t think that hurts us in any major way, again if every little issue in town you start thinking of taking action then you will be fighting so many wars. I think that is distracting attention unnecessarily.

We are committed to our course, the course we know is a long journey and torturous, so there are people who will fall by the wayside, there will be casualties, but we will not occupy our minds about what individual members of NASA want to say, regarding those appointments.

But the official position remains that we do not recognise Uhuru’s Presidency. I don’t think anyone will be distracted to making that a major issue for our coalition to start discussing. That would just be diversionary.

To our supporters, when Mbadi makes a comment they need not be stressed, they just need to look back at Mbadi’s history and understand if there is anything unusual.

Those are people who are looking at very narrow agenda of ethnicity and that is a problem with this country. Every action we take, we go back to our ethnic cocoons, it is one of the most unfortunate things happening in this country.

I am the one who will make appointments to the Appointment Committee. As Minority Leader, I have written to the speaker telling him that I am declining to name members to that committee and to participate in the proceedings of that committee.

Uhuru’s appointments (in NASA zones) do no worry us. First of all, Uhuru has no mandate to make appointments.

We have said that whatever Uhuru does, in terms of appointments, does not concern us, it is no big deal. We are preparing for our own action – the January 30 event.

How many appointments did Uhuru – when he had legitimate power in 2013-2017- try to make in NASA strongholds?

The writer is the National Assembly Minority Leader

Author: STN News

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