Coincidence? Tuesday’s nationwide power outage occurred same date last year

On Tuesday night, various parts of the country were thrown into darkness for several hours following a power outage.

Kenya Power said in a statement that the outage was caused by a technical hitch emanating from its transmission system.

The power loss affected parts of Nairobi, Mount Kenya, Nyanza, Western, Rift Valley and Coast regions.

“The faulty section has been isolated and efforts to restore supply have commenced beginning with Mt. Kenya and Nairobi regions,” the statement said.

Coincidentally, exactly a year ago on the same date (January 9, 2017), various parts of the country experienced a similar widespread blackout.

The Monday morning outage affected Nairobi, Mount Kenya and the Coast region bringing most business operations to a standstill.

The power supplier at the time attributed the power loss to a technical hitch at its Ndenderu Nairobi North Substation.

It said the fault cut off power supply from the Olkaria geothermal power station.

One question remains; was it a coincidence or is KPLC’s power supply system, either by design or omission, set to fail at certain times?

Author: STN News

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